The Corkscrew: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

I came across something on-line recently that caught my attention; a Silver Rabbit Six-Piece Wine Tools Kit for $54.95 plus tax.

The kit included:

-Silver Rabbit
-Wine Collar
-Champagne Stopper
-Foil Cutter
-Wax Whacker
-Extra Spiral

Silver Rabbit?  Wine Collar?  Wax Whacker?

Are they serious?

Am I opening a bottle of wine or rehearsing a scene from Pulp Fiction?

Have we really reached the point where we require 6 different tools to open one bottle of wine?  What’s next, the all-inclusive six-in-one shoe lace tying tool?
Or maybe the multi-faceted hand-shaker helper?

Opening a bottle of wine is a simple task requiring one simple tool, a corkscrew.

Corkscrews are derived from a device known as the “gun worm”.

Gun worms were used to clean musket barrels.

Can you say that about the Silver Rabbit Six-Piece Wine Tools Kit?

You think anybody has ever used the Wax Whacker in preparation to shoot somebody?

Don’t answer that.

Uncorking the bottle is an integral part of enjoying wine and it’s best done the old-fashioned way.

Trust me, you don’t need a “wax whacker”, at least not for opening a bottle of wine.



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4 responses to “The Corkscrew: If It Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix It!

  1. Outward1

    This video shows that the French don’t even need a corkscrew. They probably didn’t need another bottle of wine either. Enjoy!

  2. lestuff

    Love it! I’ll impress somebody one of these days with that trick!

  3. AU French minor

    OK. I usually agree with what I read on Le Stuff, and this, as usual, is well written (though not as well written as the Gary Coleman post), but I must beg to differ. My parents stand by their Rabbit (although I don’t think they have a wax whacker), and they drink a lot of wine.

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