The Classic Goodness of Socca

A simple, yet sublime specialty of Nice, socca (pronounced so-ka) is way up on my “really good stuff to eat” list.

Think chickpea, flour, and olive oil cooked in a flat iron pan to just this side of brown.

Add black pepper and devour.



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2 responses to “The Classic Goodness of Socca

  1. Socca is sooooooooooooooooooooo good !! You’re right!
    If you come in Nice you MUST try Socca and a glass of Rosé wine from Provence.
    One of my favorite is made by a wonderful Chef in the wine bar “In Vino”.
    Bon appétit ;-)

  2. Margaret

    If Nice is not in your immediate future, Mark Bittman’s recipe is a very credible version and easy to make. Oh, and be sure to invite the author of Le Stuff and ses amis!

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